Blog Software Review: WordPress Web Logs Guide Shai Coggins just posted a review of WordPress, and gave it four stars:

Compared with other server-based weblog platforms like Movable Type (MT) and Greymatter, WordPress is relatively easier to install. It also doesn’t take up as much server space. With a great interface and powerful features, it’s definitely a weblog software worth considering.

I’m especially glad to see that, as:
1. We use WordPress for this blog.
2. While it’s a ways behind MovableType, WordPress (previously known as b2) is the #2 blogging software in use, and deservedly so.
3. It’s open source, and MovableType isn’t. It’s also free for commercial use, and MovableType isn’t.
4. Its lead developer, Matt Mullenweg, is a friend of mine here in Houston, who has been invaluably generous in helping me get this blog going like I wanted.

Well-deserved kudos.