The Referral as Gift: LinkedIn as Altruism :: AO

If you’ve ever wondered the value of forwarding requests on LinkedIn and other referral-based social networking sites, read Bob Jacobson’s Always-On post about the joy of giving LinkedIn referrals:

It’s always been fun for me to join together friends and colleagues unknown to each other but who have common interests or purposes.

Giving the gift of association engenders a special rush.

He also has some nice things to say about LinkedIn overall:

Three positive LinkedIn characteristics immediately impressed me. First, LinkedIn is purposive and focused, like any good business. It’s a business instrument. lean and mean, without distractions. Second, LinkedIn has a champion interface. I have never been at a loss to figure out what to do, to get what I need. The few times I have challenged Konstantin with recommendations, LinkedIn’s developers were already at work making the changes. Third, using LinkedIn is rewarding: it’s fun, it produces results — and and most importantly, it’s bonding. It’s an online potlatch.