Free teleclass — Online Networking 101 — Friday, April 9

I’ll be giving a free Online Networking 101 teleclass this Friday, April 9, at 11 Pacific / 2 Eastern in conjunction with Stephanie Frank’s Rich Living Institute (RLI). Register here

I’ll also be offering a six-week in-depth telecourse entitled Virtual Handshakes: Building Quality Business Relationships Online starting April 20th.

I’m very pleased to be working with RLI. Stephanie Frank is one of the world’s leading coaches for lifestyle entrepreneurs. She runs the Million Dollar Mastermind Network, one of Ryze’s largest and most active networks, and a group of amazingly supportive people.

RLI’s Advisory Board includes two other prominent Ryze network leaders, Denise Michaels, leader of the Testosterone-Free Marketing Network, and Scott Stratten, leader of the Un-Marketing Network.

These are people who have made great use of online networking in general and Ryze in particular. They’ve been a tremendous help to hundreds of people, and have made themselves some real money in the process. I count them among my friends, as well as business colleagues, and am proud to be associated with the organization. If you’re on Ryze, go connect with these people and join their networks — you’ll thank me for it later.