The ‘Perfect’ Corporate Weblogging ‘Elevator Pitch’ Competition

Judith Meskill has put together The ‘Perfect’ Corporate Weblogging ‘Elevator Pitch’ Competition. Here’s the scenario:

A business executive, with whom you have been trying to arrange a meeting, is available for a condensed pitch from you on a one minute elevator ride.

It is your goal to convince this attentive business leader — who has heard about weblogs, and in fact reads a few regularly — to sponsor and resource a critical mass of weblogs in his/her organization so that their benefits can be demonstrated in a meaningful way.

Entries must be 50 to 160 words and are due by midnight (EST) April 15, 2004. There’s no monetary compensation, but Judith promises some excellent ‘sur-prizes’ for the winner.

I’m one of the judges, along with about a dozen others. Thanks to Socialtext for the collaboration space for this project.