New features at Tribe

Tribe released some major upgrades to their site yesterday, including:

1) New home page, featuring a more CSS oriented layout which should make it faster loading, plus some layout enhancements to make the page less cluttered.

2) Events tab, miscellaneous enhancements to Events module.
We have been working for quite some time on an Events module to provide a more full-featured way to get the word out about events. Lots of people are using to organize their social life, and hopefully this new feature will add to that experience.

3) Image cropping, so that you can make a sensible small image, instead of your larger photo just being resized.

4) New masthead, “to lighten up the page and free up more screen real estate”.

5) More listings on the homepage – now includes posts from both your social network and from the Listing categories.

6) Listings and Events may now be posted to multiple tribes.