Special offer on our book if you sign up for our newsletter by Friday, 3/26

Last week, in order to handle the increased volume and to be fully in compliance with all the new CAN-SPAM laws, we changed our newsletter from our own server to a hosted service at EZezine. I’d like to give a special thanks to Lisa Micklin of EZezine, who we met through Ryze, where she runs the E-zine Publishing Cafe Network

In celebration, we’re making a special offer — sign up for our newsletter by this Friday, 3/26, and you’ll get a link to purchase The Five Keys to Building Business Relationships Online for just $9.95 — that’s $5 off the regular price of $14.95.

If you’ve already purchased our book, we have something for you, too — your choice of one of two full-length chapters from our upcoming book, The Virtual Handshake.

The link will be included in our newsletter Friday night, so you must sign up by Friday in order to receive the special link.