Online Business Networks site now under Creative Commons license

Creative Commons LicenseAfter much consideration and research, we have decided to place all the contents of this site under the Creative Commons Attribution License (except as noted, which will generally be content by guest contributors). You can read the full legal code here.

In short, you may use any content from this site (except as noted) however you want, so long as you credit the author(s) and provide a link back to the page on which the content is located. This means you can run our newsletter articles, blog entries, and online social networking and business community site reviews on your site, in your newsletter, etc., without having to ask—just put our name and a link back here. While not required, we also certainly appreciate it if you let us know about it.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Creative Commons is a non-profit organization devoted to creating licensing models for creative works of all types that allow the work to be public under certain conditions, as specified by the content creators. For a fun explanation, take a look at their two new comics explaining the variety of different rights needs content creators have and how to select the appropriate license and use it to license your work. It’s kind of like open source for other types of intellectual property.

If you’re publishing articles or lengthy blog entries for business or career promotional purposes, we highly recommend using a Creative Commons license over traditional copyright. Make it easy for people to re-publish your content.