TrackBack in plain English

Lee LeFever offers an explanation of TrackBack in plain English. It’s a great addition to Six Apart’s beginner’s guide to TrackBack.

In case you’re not familiar with TrackBack, it’s a technology that allows a blogger to notify another blogger when they reference their blog. The second blogger’s blog automatically keeps track of these references and can display them.

Lee’s post answers many of the questions people have about TrackBack when they first hear about it:
– How do I use TrackBacks, as a reader of weblogs?
– How do I use TrackBacks, as a Weblogger?
– Why isn’t it easier?
– Why don’t people just leave comments instead?
– Why would someone use TrackBack- what’s the big deal?
– Why don’t all sites use TrackBacks?
– I want to try it – how do I TrackBack to an entry?

I still wish it were better automated! 😉