The Orkut Song

From The Mighty Mighty Spatchtones:

The Orkut Song (1.3 Meg MP3)

In case you’re completely lost when you listen to this, maybe the lyrics will help:

(Hey everybody, let’s sing the Orkut song!)
You should come to Orkut now,
I promise you’ll have fun, oh wow.
It’s a place where people meet
to discuss the food they eat.
Or, maybe, with a little luck
they’ll find someone to… have fun with.
Every boy and every girl
should be part of Orkut’s world.

(Oh yeah, this is a good song.)

But I say that without fail
you’ll end up in Orkut’s jail.
There you won’t have much to do
and they won’t explain to you.
Or perhaps for special treat
your account will get delete. (Oh no!)
But before you beat your breast
this is still a beta test.

(Okay, do the Orkut Limbo now.)

So, let’s make a lot of friends,
talk about Mercedes-Benz.
Rate everyone real cool and cute,
network in your birthday suit.
Orkut’s great, it’s real inspired,
but your session has it has expired.
Sign back in just like a squirrel, (What!?!)
welcome to the Orkut world.

Welcome to the Orkut world.

(That was great, everybody. Good song! I…hey! Everybody? Helloooo? Oh, crap, I’m in jail.)

That didn’t help? OK, well, maybe reading about Adam Rifkin’s ongoing saga of Orkut jail will help explain.

And while I love to give credit where credit is due, I got this on four blogs I read all on the same day, so…