Major media: Working the electronic grapevine (Christian Science Monitor)

Fortunately, we’re now moving a little past “Where’s the business model?” and towards “Networking sites are quickly becoming a mainstream way to find jobs and employees.”

The Christian Science Monitor takes a look at how networking sites are moving into the business mainstream:

Networking sites are quickly becoming a mainstream way to find jobs or employees, make deals, and meet mentors. Several million people have raced to link up everyone in their little black books on the Internet. But as the technology evolves, others are hesitant, wondering whether these virtual webs will sufficiently protect against a flood of e-mails or a loss of privacy. Some think the quality of their relationships will be diluted by being digitized. And it’s not clear whether the chasm between the haves and have-nots – in terms of the advantages of networking skills – will narrow or widen.

I was interviewed for the article, and offered my comments on the relationship between dating and online networking:

We have become convinced as a society, reluctantly … that if people can build a close enough relationship to propose marriage without having met face to face … then surely we can build the kind of relationships that allow us to hire someone for a six-figure position.

A good overview for those new to the topic. And, she was nice enough to link to our new Guide to Online Social Networks and Business Communities.