Joi Ito taking on new roles with Technorati, Six Apart

Japanese VC and social networking supernode Joi Ito made two major announcements on his blog today:

1. He will be discontinuing any additional investments from his VC group, Neoteny, and focus his attention on its current portfolio companies, in particular Six Apart, the creators of #1 blogging software Movable Type and its associated blog hosting service, TypePad:

I believe that Six Apart has enormous potential and most of Neoteny’s resources, including me will be focused on helping to make Six Apart a success.

2. He will also be taking on an additional role at Technorati:

I have decided to take on an additional role outside of Neoteny working with Technorati’s team heading their exploration of opportunities in the mobile and international realms.

This is a major endorsement for both of these companies and a sure sign that big things are in store for them and for blogging in general.

Ito also serves on the boards of corporate social software publisher SocialText and non-profit digital rights advocacy group Creative Commons.

As one commenter put it:

Joi gets to play with all the cool kids.

But another notes:

I’m guessing you’re a major stakeholder in Red Bull too.