New blog, RSS support on Tribe

The Tribe staff has a new Tribe.Net Weblog running on Movable Type. On it, they announced that this week, Tribe will be adding RSS output for all Public and Moderated Tribes (not Private Tribes, because there’s no way to control security on RSS feeds).

This means, according to Paul Martino, Tribe’s CEO, that:

– Members receive the latest messages from a discussion *as soon as they’re posted.* [currently, you can only receive daily digests]

– Anyone can post the URL for your Tribe’s RSS feed in an email signature or on other networking sites, which will bring in many more participants.

– Members can offer RSS feeds in their blogs, so your Tribe will be read far and wide.

FYI, Ecademy has offered this functionality for quite some time and was the first of the major online social networks to do so. openBC also offers this.

I’m looking forward to when RSS can start flowing the other way, too, so that my profile in the social networking sites can aggregate my generated content from my blog, message posts, articles, etc.