Ecademy USA launches

March 1st marked the launch of Ecademy USA, a community for the US audience built on the Ecademy Trusted Network platform. This gives Ecademy USA members access to the entire Ecademy platform if they choose, but they can also use, which will present a filtered view of the content, showing only the clubs, articles, and weblog posts created by other Ecademy USA members.

This is an important step in Ecademy’s quest for global domination efforts to reach a broader global audience. A frequent complaint from non-UK visitors to Ecademy’s site has been that the site is heavily oriented towards a British audience, and that much of the posted content and potential connections were irrelevant to non-Brits. That all changes with the launch of Ecademy USA.

Founded in 1999, Ecademy is one of only a handful of social networking sites that have demonstrated a sustained ability to execute on a profitable business model, attributable to a combination of a feature-rich platform and a number of proactive mechanisms to facilitate members doing business with other members. You can see an in-depth profile of Ecademy in the preview of our soon-to-be-launched guide to online social networks and business communities.

I have been working with the Ecademy team to prepare for this launch, and I have started the official regional clubs for:
Austin/San Antonio
Dallas/Ft. Worth

If you live in any of these areas (or anywhere else in Texas), I invite you to come join us and help connect with other professionals in your area.

For those outside of Texas, check to see if there is a local club in your area. If not, contact Gordon Ebanks, Director of Ecademy USA, and see about starting a club in your area.

For more information on the launch, you can read the official press release from Ecademy.