Justin Hitt reviews The Five Keys to Building Business Relationships Online

Strategic relations consultant Justin Hitt recently reviewed our book, The Five Keys to Building Business Relationships Online:

At first, I thought “not another book about social networking”, but truly these authors have done their homework. They start by acknowledging the fact that social networking is nothing new, even using 18th century examples.

There is no hype, just solid examples of the value of business relationships and how you can translate these lessons for real results in your business.

As a consultant who specializes in executive relationship, I like how “Five Keys to Building Business Relationships Online” is a comfortable read for anyone at any level. They stress the key points of networking — preparation, credibility, relevance, and strong ties.

Reading through each chapter, I realized the Authors have done more than homework, they are truly living these principles and real experts in the area. I can recommend their step-by-step plan to anyone who wants to do more with less while making a huge difference to the world around them.

Justin publishes Inside Strategic Relations, a newsletter which helps decision-makers learn ways to ethically create value through improved business relationships.