How to network with Blogger

As Mark Pincus, founder of Tribe, recently said at the BDI event in New York, “All the social networking sites are a dumbed-down version of what’s going on in the blog world.”

Blogs and online journals have been used for building stronger relationships for as long as they have existed (else what’s the point of it being public?).

But many users may not understand how to use blogs effectively to do that, so Biz Stone has written a step-by-step guide for Blogger users on how to network with Blogger.

One excellent point he makes, reminding me of Dina Mehta’s comments about how blogging provides a richer profile than static social software profiles. Here’s Stone’s version of it:

Social networking applications barrage you with questions about your hair color, favorite TV show and what kind of pet you have. Does this communicate who you really are? Blogger provides a big, blank space for you to divulge your soul. Or anything else you think is significant. As the weeks and months go by, your readers develop a true sense of what you’re all about. When you post on Friday that “My soup rocked Natick!” they know you’re talking about the Matzo ball extravaganza you threatened to make on Monday. The context inherent in blogging provides a nuance missing in social networking sites.

This makes me want all the more a good integration between social networking sites and blogs. I don’t just want a link to my blog on my profile page, I want the most recent headlines! Unfortunately, none of the sites let you do that yet, that I know of. It’ll happen, though.