Always On is joining the bandwagon

[As you can see below in a pseudo-personal email from Tony Perkins, Always-On has decided to create, yes, another online social network. I’m eagerly looking forward to the widespread use of FOAF [Friend of a Friend] technology so that none of us have to manually configure our profiles and relationships on more than one site!]

Hi David Teten,

Well, it looks like I may have two babies in one week!

Nicole and I have been expecting Tara Kathryn (due this Friday) for almost 9
months now. But it took only 2 months for our team of geeks to give birth to
our own online social network.

Check it out:

Yes indeed, late on Valentine’s Day, AlwaysOn joined the social networking
craze and turned on our professional networking service we call the AlwaysOn
Zaibatsu (Japanese for “money clique”).

We created the Zaibatsu so that our global membership can learn about and
connect with each other in a more entertaining and easy environment. The
Zaibatsu also serves as your own mini-blog site.

As a loyal AO member, you get all this new power an access to our global
membership at no cost. We have also already rolled your original profile
into the new format.

You will not be disappointed:

One baby down, one more to come. I’ll keep you posted on Tara (a.k.a. TP,

Yours cordially,

Tony Perkins

P.S. Members can still get 50% off on their tickets to AO2004: The
Innovation Summit, to be held at Stanford University on July 13th through
the 15th, by going to: