New Spoke features – professional profiles, enhanced user search, and more

[Spoke’s new functionality, below in a letter to all Spoke users, shows that they plan to compete with just about every company in the social network space.]

For the past two months we have been working hard on a series of improvements to Spoke Network. There are more features coming soon, but I am pleased to announce the first of these improvements with the upgrade of Spoke Network to version 1.7. Included among the many changes is the ability to:

Manage your own profile on Spoke with the Professional Profile
Further control who can send you referral and information requests using Minimum Relationship Strength for Referrals
Instantly create contacts in Outlook through InTouch with InstantContact

The Professional Profile was our most requested feature, and I invite you to help shape the Spoke community by adding information to your profile that you would like to share with others. Your Professional Profile allows you to provide an overview (or bio), list and annotate experience and education, and enumerate interests and affiliations. You can also attach a photograph to make it easier for others to recognize you, and you can associate web links and your recent blog entries with your profile.

In adding the profile we also created a user search capability. From the dashboard or a profile you can pivot on matches to company, school or interest.

Connect with other corporate alumni
Keep in touch with old classmates
Find others with the same affiliations, expertise and interests

You can have everyone in your workgroup or company use the Professional Profile to provide a “face-with-a-name” directory. It’s free, it helps inform associates about each other’s history and interests, and it improves familiarity among members of a workgroup.

Create your profile from this link:

Using Minimum Relationship Strength for Referrals you can set a threshold on how well you must know another user before you receive a referral request. You can also set the level of how well you know others before receiving any requests about them. This is an easy way to prevent you from getting referrals from people you don’t know or being asked to forward requests to people you don’t know well.

We have set initial thresholds for incoming and outgoing requests, and you can further adjust these on the Preferences page:

Finally, InstantContact is one of 9 new extensions to Spoke InTouch. With InstantContact, you can select text in an email message such as a signature block and, with one click, create a complete record in your contacts. Within your email client, InTouch reads text you highlight and updates your Outlook Contacts appropriately.

I hope that you find these and the other new features of Spoke Network helpful in your endeavors. I thank you for your support of Spoke and encourage you to continue to provide us with feedback.


Andy Halliday
Vice President, Spoke Software