Waterside Productions to represent The Virtual Handshake

I’m pleased to announce that Danielle Jatlow at Waterside Productions will be representing us for our second book, The Virtual Handshake: Leveraging Online Social Networks to Grow Your Business. Waterside is “the world’s premiere literary agency for computer and technology authors”, having “successfully represented more than 5,000 books to over 50 publishers”. Needless to say, we’re thrilled.

One of the most exciting things about working with Danielle is that, quite simply, “she gets it”. It helps that our connection with her was through online social networking, rather than a traditional query letter. We had a couple of agents interested in representing us from earlier queries last year, but now that our first book is done, and we’re really serious about pitching the second one to a majoar publisher, we decided to try to seek out an agent who was active on online social networking and would understand how important and timely this topic is, and be represent that to the publishers.

So, we looked for literary agents on our various social networks, and came across Christian Crumlish on Ryze and LinkedIn. Turns out he’s also a user of the #joiito IRC channel, where I occasionally hang out, as well.

I contacted Christian, but he told me he was too busy on his own writing project, The Power of Many, a related book to ours, although with a slightly different focus. He referred us to Danielle as the most appropriate agent at Waterside for us to work with. A couple of e-mails, a revised proposal, one phone call, and we’ve got ourselves an agent. Never sent a “query letter”.

This is yet another success story for online networking in the process of writing our book(s). My co-author, David Teten, and I met online (and have yet to meet in person, btw). If you’re an author and would like to learn more about how to network online in support of your book project, from start to finish, not just for the marketing, take a look at my article, Online Networking for Authors.

Any publishers interested in The Virtual Handshake should contact Danielle.