Electronic schmoozing — tips and site reviews from Victor Urbach

In his latest newsletter, Victor Urbach, president of Optran Group, a marketing-services consulting firm in Mitchell Field, N.Y., talks about electronic schmoozing. This is the best article on this topic for newcomers to online networking. It includes an overview of the topic, and fairly in-depth profiles of:
Orkut (just a brief mention)

This is really a worth a read, no matter what your level of experience with these sites. It’s also refreshing to hear the optimistic tone he has throughout the article, from beginning…

Few people are capable of expanding their contact circle while simultaneously adding value to all members of their personal network. That’s about to change. In a big way.

to end…

Online networking may be over-hyped by the media, but will, ultimately, result in something very powerful. In some circles, it’s already become part of the business and social culture. It directly relates to the *permission-based* marketing environment in which we now reside.

Victor is no stranger to online networking, even prior to the current popularity of social networking sites. His newsletter, The Urbach Letter, is what he uses to keep in touch with several hundred business contacts.