New features from zerodegrees

[I just received the following from ZeroDegrees. The new features are useful, but I have to admit that encouraging strangers to link to you seems inconsistent with the meaning of a link.]

Hello ZeroDegrees Members!

We have just released a new version of ZeroDegrees with several powerful new additions you can start using immediately:

– Alternate / Previous email address support: A very powerful new feature that lets you connect via old email addresses (from previous jobs, etc.) — whether they are still active or not! You can also connect via alternate active email addresses. A great way to reconnect with old friends and colleagues you thought were lost for good (and for them to find you)! To use: Go to your Profile and select “Edit Emails”.

– New much-improved Contact Importers! Upload from ANY Contact Manager (including simple email lists!). The Importer now lets you define what each column in any uploaded file is (first name, last name, phone number, etc.) and the entire experience has been greatly enhanced!

– Full ZeroDegrees User Manual! Click Help from any page on to access it.

– Smarter “Add / Invite All Contacts As Friends”: Now, this feature only sends invites to your uploaded Contacts who are not already connected with you as Friends. This means you can keep taking advantage of its one-click ease of use to ask all your colleagues to connect with you in the Network — without worrying about needlessly bothering the ones who already have.

– ‘Remember Me’ Login, improved Contact Manager interface, speedier Search Results, and more!

With 200,000 people now in the Network, ZeroDegrees has been experiencing explosive growth. If you haven’t filled in your Profile, Imported your contacts or invited them to connect with you as Friends in the Network, we encourage you to do so today.

Some things our members tell us they are using ZeroDegrees for …

– Researching attendees of an upcoming meeting

– Finding new, qualified and referenced job candidates

– Some ZeroDegrees members have even started using the ZeroDegrees Contact Manager as their main Contact Manager, finding it always has the most up-to-date synchronized contact information for their colleagues available to them from a Web interface. Some are even reporting that features like Inner Circle that are not available in offline contact managers have become indispensable to their work.

– Reconnecting with old/lost associates, coworkers and friends

– Getting expertise or getting a question answered

– Finding out who in their network is looking to hire

– Checking references on a job candidate

– Getting warm introductions to sales leads

– Generating brand new sales leads

– And you may not realize this, but your ZeroDegrees Contacts automatically keeps contact information current on your Friends (and keeps your Friends updated on your contact information). If you change your address in your Profile, it will automatically change in the ZeroDegrees Contacts of all of your Friends. If you use the ZeroDegrees Outlook plugin, these updates will also be synchronized back to your Outlook Address Book.

Problems? Feedback? Comments? Send to:

Thanks again, and look forward to connecting with you in the Network!

– Mark


Mark Jeffrey

VP Product ZeroDegrees, Inc.

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