Voice and context in a multi-author blog

I had an interesting experience the other day… I was posting about me being selected as an expert for inclusion on another site, and I was having an internal debate as to whether to post it as myself in the first person, or as “admin” in the third person.

I ended up deciding that posting as some artificial 3rd person seemed very un-bloglike, very un-Cluetrain, so I opted for the first person.

It looked fine on our site. I was happy with it. But then one of my co-authors saw it in his aggregator, and there was no context as to who “I” was. My preferred aggregator, Bloglines, like many other aggregators, doesn’t seem to use the <author> tag. I’m not sure that I would want them to… at least in WordPress, which we use, our e-mail addresses are included in the author field. I see other feeds putting the author into the title or some other field, but not in any standard way. UPDATE: I’ve since (a) learned that our RSS was malformed and have fixed it, and (b) have modified WordPress to leave our e-mail addresses out of the <author> tag

So, I had to go back and edit the post title to have my own name in it. That feels really strange, too… writing about myself in the third person. The post, of course, remained in the first person.

This presents a challenge in a multi-author blog. I’ll have to do some more exploring. Let me know what you think as to how to handle this.