Useless web marketing

BusinessWeek’s article on the “Useless Marketing” Trap doesn’t talk much about the internet, but Mark Steven’s point applies to a lot of internet marketing and online networking activities.

General Motors every year probably spends millions of dollars on brochures and then crop-dusts them across the country and in its dealerships. Now there’s not a single car salesman in the history of Detroit — I’m exaggerating to a certain extent — who has ever used a brochure to sell a car. And yet GM keeps churning them out, spending that money without building the business.

I recently spoke with a published writer and consultant, who has been writing a newsletter for a long time, investing dozens/hundreds of hours. He told me he had never gotten one piece of business that he can credit to that newsletter.

So the point of that newsletter is what, exactly?

I try my best (not always successfully) to work less and do more. What value are you getting from your blog, online newsletter, online networking, holiday parties, etc.?