CEO emphasizes value of networking for veterans

Christopher Michel, the CEO of, says networking is an essential skill for military veterans, and gives a nod to online networking:

With a rapidly changing business environment, less understanding of military service by corporate America, and the increasingly transactional nature of employment, each of us needs to take time to build, nurture, and leverage our personal and professional networks. We are luckier than most – there are millions of fellow service members and veterans waiting to help. And, thanks to the Internet, staying connected and in touch never has been easier.

He goes on to provide some tips on building an effective network, including a quote from OBN’s David Teten on the importance of diversity:

Diversity of the network is absolutely critical. When you bring together leaders from different industries and backgrounds, the network gains tremendous utility. Participating in community, business, or academic organizations is a good way for active-duty military to diversify their contact base.

He goes on to list several online networking resources, including both some specifically for veterans and other general online networking sites.

And Michel certainly knows how to build a network. is the nation’s largest military membership organization, with over 3 million members.