Mainstream media coverage: Seattle Times says social networking beginning to take shape on the Web

Kudos to the Seattle Times’ Paul Andrews for his piece, Social networking beginning to take shape on the Web. While much of the article is just a basic run-down of the well-known social networking sites, Andrews gets three high marks from me for:

  1. Having the guts to say, “Despite its founder’s protests, though, Friendster retains the feel of friends “setting up” friends online. In some ways, Friendster is already so last year.”
  2. Being the first mainstream media person to tell me about something I actually didn’t already know about, the XHTML Friends Network (XFN), an open XHTML markup standard for denoting the relationships between people in their blogrolls or other HTML friend/buddy lists. More on it later.
  3. Being an optimist about it, rather than jumping onto the current trend of being skeptical about the revenue models (or lack thereof). No, by contrast, Andrews says, “I have no doubt commercialization opportunities will present themselves. Build a new community, and a marketplace is never far behind. “