Identity Management Server designed for mobile SMS potentially solves big online social networking problem

In light of a recent conversation on Ryze about social networking and interoperability, which all started with Sean McCullough’s excellent post laying out his ideas for social networking interoperability requirements, I was pretty fascinated to read this morning about Ayala Alternative Organizational Consulting’s plans for building an Identity Management Server as part of the European AURORA project for next-generation multimodal-multimedia personal messaging services.

While designed primarily to solve multi-device message-delivery problems, this project could also solve many of the interoperability issues Sean and others raised in that conversation. From Philippe Scheimann, head of Ayala:

Among the challenges our technology solves in the area of Identity Management are anonymity, managing fragmented/multiple identities, compounded identities, managing linking or sharing of existing identities, identity theft and other security issues including identity fabrication and reputation. […] The IMS will provide to the connected world a digital identity system that best reflects the wealth of real life interactions and human nature.

There are, of course, some serious privacy concerns that this raises, but the benefits for those people who want to maintain multiple points of presence for messaging and networking make it well worth the effort.