Blogging draws attention

Many new bloggers don’t realize the impact that back-end technologies like Technorati and Trackback have on the nature of blog communication. While on the service, they appear to be a one-way communication medium—just a simpler way to do web publishing—they are, in reality, a conversation.

Joi Ito points out that many people are surprised to find out that what they think of as a semi-private journal to share with a few of their friends may actually be creating attention they don’t want. As he says

One of the things that some of us forget is that it’s not all about attention. Most people want a little more attention than they get, but they usually want it from the right people and only when they feel like it.

So, while blogging is a tremendous tool for increasing your web visibility, keep in mind that it’s completely public. To update an old saying, “Don’t post anything in your blog you wouldn’t want on the cover of the New York Times.”