Case Study: Using a Weblog to Achieve #1 Rankings in Google

In case you’re wondering why you would want to use a weblog as opposed to a traditional static HTML site, this case study on using a weblog to achieve #1 rankings in Google should answer the question for you.

Simply put, the generation of:
– numerous pages
– on a frequent basis
– with high keyword density
– and excellent keyword placement in header tags
– combined with the various linking services and tools available for blogs
makes for multiple well-optimized pages and lots of links to them—exactly what the search engines like to see.

While we’d been planning a blog here at OBN for a while, this case study was the clincher that convinced me we had to go ahead and get it done. If you’re trying to increase your visibility on the Web and you’re not blogging, you’re missing out on one of the very easiest and most effective techniques available to you.