Review: Online Communities for Authors

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of online resources for authors—you can find that at some of the sites below. The focus here is on online communities where you can network and meet people—real people, and lots of them—who can help with your book project.

Remember, though, that while you will undoubtedly receive even more than you give, you must give first. Contribute to these communities and add value yourself before you start asking for it in return.

About Freelance Writers – lots of information about the writing business, including sample book proposals, query letters, and more. The forums focus mostly on smaller projects, but also have some discussion relevant to book authors.

WritersNet – by far the most active online community for writers, agents, editors, and publishers. This is where professional writers discuss the business of writing and publishing books—dealing with editors & agents, printing/publishing options, and even wordcrafting.

Ryze Writers & Editors Network – the context of Ryze helps you connect to a broader community of people who can help with other aspects of your book project.

Ecademy Authors – the context of Ecademy offers additional networking opportunities, plus free blogging and article posting make it an excellent place to demonstrate your writing skills and create visibility. – a stylish, well-maintained site offering over 40 forums, publishing news, reviews, and interviews. The focus is on stories, essays, poetry, and other short fiction. – the sister site of offers forums on topics including various genres, critique forums, resources for writers, markets and contests, and writing challenges.

Writer’s BBS – one of the longest-running online communities for authors. The articles and reviews appear not to have been updated in a while, but the forums themselves are extremely active. They also offer a free small web site for members.

Self-Publishing Yahoo Group – co-sponsored by SPAN, it is one of the most active communities (over 30 messages a day). Even if you’re not self-publishing, the discussion here about the book business and book marketing is invaluable.

Internet-Authors Yahoo Group – self-published and traditionally published authors share ideas about marketing their books (print or books) on the Internet.

BCPC Writer’s Workshop – another very active Yahoo Group, focused on how to improve your writing, plus Q&A with experienced, published authors.

Booksigners Yahoo Group – the place to learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your book signings.