Review: eWomenNetwork

The idea for eWomenNetwork was first conceived in 1999 by Sandra and Kym Yancey. That led to research, software development, pre-launch and the official launch in 2001.

“It takes teamwork to make the dream work.” Their focus is to create a vast network of female business owners and professionals all connected to each other—to give success-minded women easy access to each other’s skills, talents, knowledge and resources. is a membership-based organization focused on connecting and promoting women and their businesses worldwide. Their membership consists primarily of women business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate professionals. There are over 500 business categories represented in their online search engine. is focused on being a community of women who have an interest in doing business with other women in business. Their networking philosophy is based on the concept of giving as a means for building relationships and doing business with other members. Members are invited to use their online profiles and search capabilities to support their businesses.

Members are also encouraged to participate in monthly, quarterly and annual meetings and conferences held in major cities around the country. These “Accelerated Networking” events include a networking activity that guarantees that attendees will meet other people at the event.

The eWomenNetwork Radio Show broadcasts every Sunday evening. The radio show highlights members, interviews people with valuable information for members and promotes members doing business with each other.

Members are encouraged to bring in other members and can earn money, and even earn back their membership fee, for helping to grow the organization and sponsor other members. Visitors can participate in their forums by signing up for free as a registered guest.

One of their goals is to “connect 1-million+ women to a community that is focused on giving, sharing, and being there for each other”. They also utilize the power of their network to create buying “power” for retailers, manufacturers, and various service providers.

The eWomenNetwork Foundation helps “not-for-profit enterprises meet the challenges of helping our communities cope, grow, and heal”. A portion of their corporate gross “before tax” revenue is set aside to distribute to other organizations focused on making a positive impact on the lives of others.