Virtual Volunteering

One of the best places to network is in volunteer organizations. Besides putting your skills to good use at a cause you believe in, you demonstrate your expertise and commitment to other like-minded individuals, who may become, or refer you to, prospective clients, partners, or employers for you.

Nonprofit organizations all over the world are benefiting from the addition of virtual volunteer opportunities to their volunteer programs. With these online opportunities, volunteers often find that they have more time to give because there is no travel time required and they can often be even more efficient in their own environment. Listed below are some of the types of projects that are easy for virtual volunteers and valuable for the organization.

Typical virtual volunteer job opportunities:

  • Web development — an online community must have a strong web presence designed to provide maximum ease and efficiency of participation.
  • Translations — with global online networking there is more and more need to have websites, press releases and other literature available in numerous languages so that diverse communities can connect.
  • Writing press releases — writing and sending press releases online can make the difference in a cause getting public attention and support.
  • Writing and Proofreading — Sites that want people coming back on a regular basis have to keep updating their information and must make sure everything is accurate and professional.
  • Graphic design — graphics are compelling and help to paint an emotional picture and create a powerful image of the problems and solutions addressed by online communities.
  • Research — if you love to surf the internet, you’ll love this. And you’ll be generating valuable information for a good cause.
  • Track legislation — if you are fascinated by the ins and outs of government, you could be a valuable resource for a nonprofit advocating legislation to further their cause.
  • Creating online forums — these organizations need people who are tech savvy to host chat rooms, create online forums, develop blogs and other internet activities.
  • Writing emails — you can be a valuable resource by helping to respond to the many emails that these online communities are generating.
  • Generating sponsor support — utilize your sales, marketing, and negotiation skills to get sponsorships, support and alliances that help further their cause.
  • Database management — you can help an organization be more efficient and effective with their online contacts.
  • Professional advisor — if you have legal, financial or management expertise, you could be a valuable on call advisor or member of a virtual advisory board.
  • E-zine and newsletter development — Making regular contact with members of an online community are vital for it’s longevity.
  • E-mentoring — depending on your background and expertise, you might be a great e-mentor at an executive, management or leadership level; or as an e-mentor for volunteers in the organization or the people served by the organization.

Some people don’t like to donate their services, thinking that it somehow devalues them. In truth, there is nothing that demonstrates the value of what you do more than to put it to good use for a cause you believe in.