Review: Webmaster World

If your business has a web site, or if you are in the business of creating, marketing, or managing them, Webmaster World is an absolute must. Their mission states:

“We are here for members to discuss the process of doing business. There are enough (too many) b2b and b2c sites out there. Running a website these days takes a great deal of knowledge. The design, coding, maintenance, promotion, marketing, and management of a website is almost an impossible task for one person alone without extensive training. We are here as a forum for the members to share and gain knowledge in operating and promoting a website. Think of us as part of your extended site development and process team.”

The wealth of knowledge available on this network is extensive, with 20 different discussion forums about search engines alone. Other topics include HTML, browsers, website statistics, domain names, e-commerce, and professional webmaster business issues.

There are plenty of seasoned experts on there to answer your questions, and they are very tolerant of “newbies”. But they don’t tolerate laziness, so be sure to search for the answer to your question in the forums first before posting a question that may have already been answered recently.

The site explicitly discourages the promotion or solicitation of business in the forums—”We are not here to actually do business with one another.” That said, they do offer a “Commercial Exchange” forum, which typically contains 50+ “help wanted” messages a month, plus a handful of “help offered”.

However, networking still happens. The people who contribute their expertise to the site, especially the volunteer forum moderators, such as owner/founder Brett Tabke, Greg Boser, Mike Mackin, and others who choose not to remain anonymous, gain tremendous reputation as experts in their field. Policy or not, their participation enhances their credibility, increases their visibility, and grows their network.

If you have expertise in these areas, this is a great place to show it, and if you need access to that kind of expertise, this is the place to find it.