From Picket Line to Online

You no longer have to join a picket line (although you may still choose to) to take a stand, make a difference, share your convictions and join with others to represent the power of the group. Today there are numerous ways that you can take a stand and make a difference from your computer and through finding and joining with others online.

• Inspire people to utilize the internet and online communities to bring people together to make a positive difference in our world.

• To give people information on how to access online communities that are focused on social causes.

• To give inspiring examples of people truly making a difference through their online activities.

• To give people direction and encouragement to live their life as a contribution.

• To provide information on specific sites that can be useful for people interested in volunteering.

Online communities provide individuals and organizations an avenue to:
• Increase visibility about a concern or issue
• Make people aware
• Help people generate positive action to further their cause
• Facilitate the sharing of information
• Vehicle for announcing events
• Vehicle for recruiting volunteers
• Connect donors with organization and projects
• Create visibility
• Enhance exposure
• Spread the mission
• Ability to send information throughout the world to other interested parties in an easy, fast and relatively inexpensive manner.
• Share purpose that provides compelling reason to belong to the community.

Rather than selling a product the nonprofit is selling a cause, mission, vision. Rather than having customers they are reaching out to advocates, donors, volunteers. The internet is a vehicle for nonprofits to bring people together to share their interest and concern for particular social causes.