The Perfect Content Curation Tool?

Maybe I’m just lazy. Maybe I’m overly ambitious. Maybe a little bit of both. All I know is. blogging as much as I would like to is a freakin’ lot of work!

I do write original stuff sometimes – and some pretty good stuff at that, I think. I’m also a decent curator of content. For example, Linked Intelligence has grown into the definitive unofficial source for all things LinkedIn.

But being a good curator is tedious and time-consuming. And a lot of the reason for that has to do with a sub-optimal workflow. At the moment I’ve cobbled together several tools, each to handle a little piece of the flow, but I’m really not happy with what I’ve got. And what I really want seems so simple and so obvious, I find it unfathomable that nobody really seems to have built this yet. If someone has, please tell me, because I’ll buy it, I’ll review it, and I’ll tell everyone else how great it is!

What I want is a single tool to:

  1. Find interesting content to share.
  2. Facilitate either sharing it directly or blogging and then sharing.

Wow – does that really seem so difficult?

Let’s get into the specifics of what that means:

  1. Let’s start with an RSS reader.
  2. Then let me combine feeds and filter them by keyword, author, tag, date, etc.
  3. Then let me 1-click share, yet contextualize it for each channel, all in one interface, e.g.:
    • Shorter comment and a link on Twitter, LinkedIn; longer comment and a link (and selectable image thumb) on Facebook; longer comment and a selectable excerpt and link on
    • Refer to the author with their Twitter handle on Twitter, by name on Facebook and LinkedIn, and by their name, linked to their blog, in a blog post
    • If I blog it, give me the option to share my blog post, rather than the direct link, to the other social media channels

I don’t want to completely auto-blog. I believe in the value of human review and commentary. I just want to make the workflow a LOT more efficient. Let me define a narrow set of rules to give me a manageable short list of content to review, that’s likely to have high quality. Queue that up so it’s as close as possible to being ready to publish. Let me review it and modify it – add the human touch. Then go do all the publishing.

Is that really too much to ask? Is there a tool that can do all this? How close to this are you? And what tool(s) are you using to do this?

Images: Will Lion, catspyjamasnz



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  2. There are numerous tools like HootSuite, Threadsy, Spredfast and others…few of them may be of real use to you

  3. You are correct, to keep up your blog with fresh content is a more than full time job lol.

  4. Sorry, I don't know of anything that can do all that. I actually read content curation websites a lot, I mean like weekly news type of stuff because … well who has the time to really read all the news to extract the interesting and important stuff?

  5. Johnny Cooper says:

    I don't know if there is really an auto-blogging tool out there, human interaction is needed because humans want to read things written by humans, not by machines…

  6. 1logoitems1 says:

    I like your comment Johnny. This is true as we humans create and feed more interactions. For a lot of reasons, auto-blogging is a machine-aided medium to post relative information but lacks human touch. For me, I can tell the difference.

  7. Content is king, according to Google. But unique content is the best way to start up!!