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33 Places to Hangout in the Social Networking Era

Sid Yadav writes, “33 Places to Hangout in the Social Networking Era,” a summary with brief profiles of 33 different social networks, each with descriptions and target demographics.

Manipulation of images, media, and opinion

I normally don’t discuss political topics on this blog, but this particularly struck me as an example of one of my favorite themes: the importance of ‘peeling the onion’.

At first glance, it’s just a picture of smoke from damaged buildings from the conflict in the Mideast. At second glance, it’s a fine example of how not to embellish news photos.

Photo at
(original photo was pulled.)

If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, see

Via Metafilter

Update: Reuters fired the photographer involved.

Free Webcast Wednesday 8/2: Leveraging Corporate Alumni

I was just invited to be on the panel for a webcast tomorrow (Wednesday) at Human Capital Institute entitled Leveraging Corporate Alumni, which will look at how organizations can benefit from managing relationships with former employees.

I’ll be talking in particular about how both official and unofficial alumni groups are using social software, and how recruiters can leverage them in an ethical and effective manner.

The event is free, but you do have to register in advance to attend.