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Spitzer is suing Intermix for spyware

Elliot Spitzer, New York Attorney General, is suing Intermix for spyware. Intermix is best known in the social software world for its ownership of the wildly popular MySpace. I can’t comment on the validity of Spitzer’s accusations. However, I can say that MySpace holds data about its members which is certainly highly exploitable in various illegal and/or inappropriate ways, if MySpace (or any other virtual community with similar data about its own members) chose to do so.

Personally, I hope MySpace will fight instead of rolling over in a settlement like most of the financial institutions that Spitzer has pursued.

Blogging Goes Mainstream–NYC, May 3

The Business Development Institute is hosting Blogging Goes Mainstream. I hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

2:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Microsoft Customer Briefing Center

1290 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY

Online registration and agenda:

For registration enter promotion code “Teten” to receive a $25 discount.

BusinessWeek May 2, 2005 Cover Story, “Blogs Will Change Your Business” which can be found at features BDI “Blogging Goes Mainstream” conference speaker Steve Rubel and sponsors PubSub and Cymfony.

Here is a sample of companies that are registered to attend the conference: American Cancer Society, Audible, Deloitte, DaimlerChrysler, Edelman, General Electric, Ketchum, IAC, IBM, The Five O’Clock Club, Ford Motor Company, Ernst & Young, Latham & Watkins, Little Brown & Co., Microsoft, MPG, Nickelodeon, OgilvyOne, Pfizer, Paul Weiss, Spencer Stuart, Standard & Poor’s, Thomas Publishing, Sony, Union Square Ventures, New York Times Digital


• Robert Scoble, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft and creator of the Scobleizer blog

• Sam Whitmore, founder and editor of Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey and monthly media columnist for Forbes Magazine

• Steve Rubel, VP, Cooper Katz and creator of Micropersuasion blog

• Bonita Stewart, Director of Interactive Communications, Daimler Chrysler

• Michelle Horowitz, VP, PR Newswire

• Salim Ismail, CEO, PubSub

• Steve Hall, creator of Adrants blog

• Morra Aarons, VP Interactive, Edelman

• Jud Branam, Managing Director, Hass MS&L

• Lloyd Trufelman, President, Trylon Communications

• Ross Dawson, CEO, Advanced Human Technologies

• Andrew Bernstein, CEO, Cymfony

• David Teten, CEO, Nitron Advisors; CoAuthor, The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online

• Dan Burstein, Managing Member, Millennium Technology Ventures

• Jason Pryslak, Information Architect, International Association of Business Communicators, MurrayResults

• Larry Bodine, PM Forum

• Stowe Boyd, COO, Corante






PR Newswire

Trylon Communications

All-Ways Advertising


Revenue Science

Leverage Software

Media Sponsors and Supporting Organizations:

PR Week Magazine

International Association of Business Communicators

The Publicity Club of New York

BtoB Magazine

Media Business Magazine

I Want Media

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce



Online registration and agenda:

For registration enter promotion code “Teten” to receive a $25 discount.

Questions or feedback call 800.830.6687

Podcasting goes corporate

Rex Hammock and many others report that Infinity has launched a radio station made up entirely of podcasts. You could read this as a triumph for citizen’s media—or look at it as the outsourcing (for free!) of a media channel’s putative core competency.

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Ever-easier public display of your reputation

Clay Shirky wrote:

As the net gets bigger and karma, previously bottled up in human relations, becomes convertible for real currency, in everything from ZeroDegrees/ style spam to real sales of virtual characters to this, we are going to have to find ways to defend against this sort of karmic hijacking.

In another example, and following up on my post about reputation-checking for dating,
Opinity nows offers a cross-platform reputation management service. Susan Kuchinskas reports the story here. Opinity aggregates your online reputation across all the sites that allow you to develop a reputation.

My greatest difficulty with this is that some people are perhaps bad girlfriends but good ebay vendors. So I only care about that woman’s reputation on ebay (not on jdate)… but then what do I need Opinity for? I can just use ebay’s rating system.

I’m fascinated to see how people abuse Opinity’s system, which they will. How do you think people will try to game it?

MSN Spaces and Yahoo 360

USA Today provides a comparison of MSN Spaces and Yahoo 360. Without commenting in depth on those systems, my general recommendation is to avoid becoming dependent on gated communities.

From our point of view as authors of a book due out June 30, the entry of big players like MSN and Yahoo is very exciting. It validates the space and shows the mass market appeal of these services. Plus, these services will make good marketing partners for the book.

Via the Social Software Weblog

Blogs as a porn vehicle

You could see this coming: leading Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that Tapuz’s Blog TV (the personal broadcast forum of a popular Israeli portal) has evolved into primarily a porn broadcast vehicle. The Pro-Am economyhas come to porn just like many other industries.

New social network site with new model:

I recently had a series of conversations with Craig Callé, Founder and CEO of the very newly launched I have added a profile of to our Social Software Guide. You can see it here: corporate profile.


The Company challenges the convention established by many business-focused SNSs such as LinkedIn, which Craig Calle describes as, “little more than Friendster without the pictures.”
…. is different in its design from most other social networking sites (SNSs) because of its trust mechanism (shared affiliations, not chains of relationships); method of inclusion (no chain letter invitations); and chain length (direct, not multi-node).

To its credit, is not another me-too site—Craig and his colleagues have thought through some of the problems with the existing approaches and tried to be build a better mousetrap.

eBay's ratings methodology has finally come to online dating

Clive Thompson reports on: Rate-a-date:

One of the big criticisms you hear about online dating is that people aren’t quite honest in describing themselves. So along comes, a site where people post reviews of those they’ve had dates with — and link to the original ad that sucked them in.

A more elegant way to do this is to look at people’s track record when interacting with other people. e.g., eventually LinkedIn will no doubt allow you to see scores about how quickly and effectively its member pass on requests. Or the dating sites could use the rich data sitting on their servers, and show who are the most popular people on their system, and how quickly they respond to emails.

Internet Career Networking Tutorial for Job-Seekers

A great resource for job-seekers and just about everyone else: QuintCareers’ Internet Career Networking Tutorial for Job-Seekers:

A Guide to Getting Connected Online

This tutorial is a comprehensive guide to the many ways you can use the Internet to connect with people all over the world.